02 d’octubre, 2017

Catalan Referendum, why EU Comission is not defending people?

Here is what I wrote to a friend who was asking me how is the atmosphere in my home town right now in Catalonia:


Dear Attila,

The atmosphere is of general astonishment, hatred, and impotence.

Turnout in Barcelona was not lower than here, so I assume the wise guy you are referring to is very biased.

How can Spanish media say policemen were injured by rioters? It was a total peaceful action. Non-violent resistance was the main consign and it was maintained all the time.

The man throwing a chair to a riot-policeman is an absolute exception, but Spanish channels keep displaying it over and over and not showing what really happened.

Many injured here too. There was a polling station very near from were we live and the attack was brutal. There were elder people, but those black centurions cared very little. They used rubber balls and injured a man in the head. Many women and men were crying out of fear. They broke doors and cabinets and finally they took the ballot boxes.

Later I learned  they were a fake prepared for the occasion!

So when they left, voting proceeded.

However over 700,000 real votes were seized in the whole country.

All stations closed closed at 7PM ,1 hour before schedule to prevent more seizing of ballots.

Although turnout has been said to be 41% , 52.75% of people voted with their unique ID number. An online system verified by international observers was used.

Not too bad, considering European Constitution (so-called Treaty of Lisbon) was approved with 41% turnout.

Yes, it is too sad we do not have the support of EU Commission . Its speaker, Mr Margaritis  Schinas has been married for many years to a Spanish woman, who is a memebr of the Popular Party (a party full of Francoists). Her father was a well-know fascist.

It looks like we are on our own now, despite the tons of footage supporting what we say,